Classification by hue

This section classifies common color collocations in web design according to the order of hues. Each type is dominated by this hue, and matched with other hues or those of the same hue, the methods of comparison and harmony are applied, and the order is from lightness to intensity.

Classification by impression

Color matching seems complicated, but it is not mysterious. Since each color has its own position in the impression space, the impression obtained by color matching can be approximated by addition and subtraction. If each color is high brightness, then their superposition will naturally be soft and bright; If every color is strong, then they will be strong when they are superimposed. Of course, in the actual design process, designers should also consider the multiplication and division method. For example, colors with the same brightness and contrast have different angles on the color ring, and when combined, they will get a feeling of ever-changing. Therefore, this book should not only list the collocations according to hue, but also list the collocations with impression as the key point for the reader's reference.
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